Shut the CHUNK up: Which chunky lip pencils did I find and love?


I’ve become obsessed with finding good chunky lip pencils….. lately I’ve found a few that has made me very happy and a few that turned my smile upside down.

The pic above are my finds (with a flash) below is the same photo without a flash


So TO THE POINT how are they?

From L – R:

POP pouty pop crayon in CORAL CRUSH

The Good:

  • I got it for free
  • Shorter than most so it fits great in my small makeup bag ( I like the smaller size)
  • Cute color – I’d be interested in seeing different and better colors

The Bad:

  • Nothing special here, possibly will look better on a lighter skin tone where you don’t have to apply many layers
  • Cheap packaging – The plastic top does nothing for it but make it look like it’s a dollar store brand

VERDICT: Since I got it for free there is no returning it and it’ll be a cute lil summer color to play around with. I can see this coming with me to the lake to add a bit of color while I frolic in the water. I wouldn’t buy it though.

COVERGIRL Queen Collection Jumbo Gloss Balm in No. Q830

The Good:

  • Price- about $7 at walmart, kind of expensive but not bad for a simple balm stick
  • Color-  variety to choose from
  • Use- A nice balm for an on the go day where you just want nice fair color
  • No scent
  • Quality – you get a lot for your buck

The Bad:

  • Color- Yes, it states on the package that it’s “sheer” color but the packaging is also deceiving in it’s representation of the true color of the balm. The top looks to be darker but the actual color is eons lighter. I expected more pigment especially since this is geared towards more African American women because if you’re dark like me it’s like wearing nothing.

VERDICT: I wouldn’t try any other colors knowing that it’s sheer but having this one isn’t bad. It’s one of those extras I take with me when I am on a neutral lipstick day and my matte is drying out my lips, this one can be a moisture picker-upper until I reapply. I think if you are lighter tone that I am then the other colors would look fab on you.

Sephora Glossy Lip Pencil in Glossy Purple

The Good:

  • Price – $10 definitely not a bad price for an okay lip pencil
  • Good pigment/one swipe gives good color
  • Quality- it’s Sephora brand so it’s hit or miss with them and this one is more on the hit side
  • Packaging- simple black with the color on the bottom/not bad
  • High shine

The Bad:

  • Not a great selection of colors

VERDICT: I like it and because of the price and the fact that it’s sold in a place where I get to try it out first, I’d buy more colors. I definitely recommend you grab one to have on those days when you want good color but don’t want the hassle of applying lipstick with caution and liner.

REVLON Colorburst Matte Balm in SULTRY wpid-IMG_20140131_194328.jpg

The Good:

  • Pigment- when they say matte, they mean it! I am still shocked at how awesome this pencil is, very matte in appearance but not drying at all.
  • Packaging- the whole pencil is the color of the lip balm and it’s pretty true to it’s color
  • Color- high pigment but a bit brighter than you’d expect
  • Price- $7.69 at target and about a dollar cheaper at walmart

The Bad:

  • Scent- It has a strong menthol tingle and scent, the tingle doesn’t bother me but I’m not a fan of the scent, it’s not over powering but I am someone who do not like scents of anything really (sensitive skin issues)

VERDICT: I tried other colors. . . see if they are as good as this one. . .next.

REVLON Colorburst Matte Balm in SHAMELESS

The Good:

  • Color- a nice subtle purple, dark but the color is prominent
  • Same pros as above

The Bad:

  • Color- being that I already had a purple this color it was not needed
  • Wasn’t as matte as the previous-actually more dull in a bad way
  • Still same menthol smell and tingle

VERDICT: This one went back to the store. Was disappointed because I expected this to pop like the previous one did. Didn’t get lucky twice. GRRRRR.

REVLON Colorburst Matte Balm in SHOWY

Well we know the good about the product. . .

The Bad:

  •  Color- showy is correct, this is VERY bright pink. . .let me reiterate VERY BRIGHT PINK, almost barbie, bumblegummish (on me and my dark skin though)
  • Quality- SHOWY is correct- I doubt no matter who wears this it will still show ever crease and line in your lips, my lips looked like I was using a paint marker that dried up and was pushing out only streaks of color, like crackle nails for lips
  • Still that same damn scent

VERDICT: This one couldn’t go back quick enough. I actually laughed at how ridiculous this was on my lips. However I do think my dark skin played a part in this not fairing well. I can see a lighter tone person not having this problem and on this one, when I say “lighter tone” I mean a non-dark skinned person period.

BiTE Cosmetics High Pigment Pencil in TANNIN

The Good:

  • Quality- High pigment IT IS!! This is like true lipstick in a pencil. Absolutely vibrant, rich, and creamy
  • Power- I chose this as my only lip color for the day and it stayed on pretty well. I reapplied like I would normally after eating or drinking coffee
  • Packaging (color)- Love the grey neutral tone of their products. It’s sleek and dare I say sexy
  • Variety- the choices in color are phenom, they have a pink that looks like perfection squeezed into a little tube

The Bad:

  • Price- $24 for a pencil is kind of high when the lipsticks are the same color
  • Messy application- So you’re wondering how can a pencil have a messy application? Well this one is like their lipstick that I took back, very creamy, almost too creamy and so it gets every where. When I take the top off I have color all on the sides of the tube and I don’t apply all crazy so I am lost as to why this happens. It’s a problem because I don’t realize it and touch it and now I have color on my fingers which transfers to whatever I touch like my clothing : (
  • Packaging (size)- having the more chunkier pencils, I find this one to be a bit too slime. It’s probably why it’s so messy to apply, with chunkier pencils the angle is more inward leaving room around the edges of the pencil eliminating the color on the sides issue

VERDICT: Because of the high pigment I would definitely buy another one of these. The price is what will keep me from making it a first choice purchase but knowing that I do not like their lipsticks, It can make it to the list. Below are the swatches of the color in the order that I listed them with and without flash.


Hope I was helpful





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