New Face Goodies from Sephora- What Made the Cut & What Didn’t

I love Makeup

It’s Obvious to anyone who know me and if you read my posts long enough you will see that too.

So the other day I went to SEPHORA planning to do some serious shopping and well $220 later, I went home with some goodies I purposely went looking for and some newbies that I THOUGHT could be some winners.


From Left to Right:

BiTE Cosmetics Luminous creme lipstick in Violet -> Kat Von D Foiled Love lipstick in Beranice -> Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense No. 15 -> NARS The Multiple Stick in G-Spot -> Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil & Argan Lip Treatment -> SMASHBOX Be Legendary lipstick in Cognac -> BiTE Cosmetics High Pigment Pencil in Tannin and -> Sephora Jumbo Liner 12HR Waterproof in Marine



Although initially this didn’t make the cut, BiTE has become one of my favorite lipsticks because of the creamy texture but long wear. I still do suggest NOT leaving them in a heated area.

BiTE Luminous creme lipstick DID NOT MAKE THE CUT


  • The design of the tube is amazing, sleek, and functional (as in I can take the top off with one hand – I like that)
  • The Color is vibrant (on swap – the flash makes it look lighter than it is, it’s quite dark in color)
  • The quality – all natural products


  • The color is great on skin but not as pigmented as I’d lke
  • After less than 24 hrs in my bathroom I opened it up to try it on and the lipstick had oil bubbles seeping from it. I understand that it being natural could have this effect but I was concerned about how well it would hold up; would it melt all the way, etc.

OVERALL: I took it back. It was far too creamy and I could see it melting. For $26 there are better kinds

UPDATE: I still have this color and love it but a short while after I purchase MAC RiRi Viva Red and it’s almost identical being that this one is a bit lighter.

Kat Von D Foiled Love lipstick in Beranice MADE THE CUT


  • The packaging is cute but I generally do not like the design
  • The color is so amazing in the tube and equally amazing on the skin
  • No scent
  • Great shine but kind of a dull shine
  • Price $19


  • None right now
  • The packaging

OVERALL: I’d buy more of her lipsticks and will try more of her products

UPDATE: As a Vikings fan I wear purple every game day and this is till one of my favorite purples. I purchased the MUFE Plexi Gloss in purple and it’s an exact match to this which is nice to be able to switch between the two or layer em up.

Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense No. 15 MADE THE CUT


  • FANTASTIC Pigment (it’s looks blue because of the flash but it’s a really nice pearly purple)
  • Long Lasting
  • Sleek packaging (functional)
  • Matte with a dull shine
  • Price $20


  • A bit drying
  • Kind of small in size

OVERALL: I love this brand so I have nothing bad to say about it yet. My favorite color is their #36, the most vibrant pink. I haven’t tried anything else other than lipstick yet but will definitely try other products.

UPDATE: I used this so much in the beginning but now as I still have it, I use it maybe once every other month reasons being is that it’s oily nature gets soaked up into the skin and midday you no longer have on blush and yea it’s good for the lips and eyes too but let’s be honest, who is rubbing this on the eyes or the lips? I wouldn’t buy it again but I have it and will use it.  My only con would be that for the price, you’d expect a longer wear!

NARS The Multiple Stick in G-Spot MADE THE CUT


  • Size – You get a nice amount for the price $36 (This will last me a very long time)
  • Color (very versatile on many skin tones)
  • Quality- Very great and blendable
  • Not shiny but shows very well
  • Nice rosy color
  • Can be applied to cheeks, lips, and eyes


  • Nothing yet

OVERALL: I am in love with this product and will be going back for the other color I saw. I have been wanting to try their products so I will be trying the lipstick, shadows, and liners.

UPDATE:  This has been the best thing ever for my skin! I’ve grown to love Josie’s skin products a lot. I am on my second tube of this which by the way lasted a full year and after that when I went to purchase another one, I cut it open and saw that there was more product in the tube that I scooped out into a small round plastic tin and got another 2 months use out of it. (I only put it on my face) I then went and purchased the travel size that I keep in my makeup bag for those little ashy moments.

Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil MADE THE CUT


  • Absolutely phenomenal & moisturizing
  • The proper packaging for the product
  • For dry skin
  • A nice faint scent
  • A little goes a long way
  • LITERALLY gives your skin a glow
  • Quality – Very good, light, great on my sensitive skin $28


  • Nothing yet

OVERALL: I got this off of a sample and am in love with it. This is will definitely stay in my beauty regimen.

Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment DID NOT MAKE THE CUT


  • Natural oils
  • Light scent


  • Size – very small for price $18
  • Odd packaging – with how small it is, I just didn’t find it very functional
  • Quality – nothing special here, nothing my coconut oil isn’t already doing

OVERALL: I love Josie Maran products so it’s okay that this one didn’t work for me. I honestly think it’s a worthless product because it does nothing. There are far better lip treatments out there than this one.

UPDATE:  Smashbox has come to be another one of my favorite lipstick brands, especially in color COGNAC! This first one broke so I took it back and maybe about 5 months later I tried it again with the travel size 3 pack and fell in love with it so I purchased full size ones and none has broken. I’m actually on my 2nd cognac and I still find their tubes to be small but at $20 now versus $24, I approve.

SMASHBOX Be Legendary lipstick in Cognac DID NOT MAKE THE CUT


  • Great nude color -absolutely phenom color for my dark skin tone
  • No scent
  • Quality of color was very nice


  • Packaging – I am big on a product having functionality and this was 1st, too small. It’s cute, and square and sleek but far too small. It’s very hard to put the cap on and take it off. It stays on very well but again If I can’t take the top off with one hand then no thanks & once something breaks I can never buy that same product again
  • It broke the first time I put it to my lips – This is a pet peeve with lipstick – for $24 the quality should be good enough to not break before I even got a chance to wear it. (no I didn’t put it on hard either, it’s matte but not that matte)
  • Cost -again for such a small tube it’s kind of pricey
  • Staying power not so great

OVERALL: Based off of reviews I was eager to try this brand but was very disappointed especially in their selection of colors. I will try other products in the future but never their lipsticks unless they come out with a different design and complete kind.

UPDATE: This lasted me for a year too. I loved the color, loved the product and my only con would be that it was messy. Melts very easy and gets on everything, all it takes is a little and BOOM it’s on everything! I haven’t purchased another stick yet but it’s on my radar.

BiTE Cosmetics High Pigment Pencil in Tannin MADE THE CUT


  • Talk about HIGH PIGMENT – definitely a nice rich colored pencil
  • Size – for the price $24, it’s not bad
  • No scent, natural products


  • Nothing Yet
  • Staying power is kind of lacking

OVERALL: I am very surprised by the high pigment, usually when they say high pigment it’s not so but this is great. A friend recommended this to me and I am glad she did. This is definitely worth it all. I will be going back to try other colors to see how great they are.

Sephora Jumbo Liner 12HR Waterproof in Marine DID NOT MAKE THE CUT


  • As I brought this to use on my lips (recommended by sales person because I wanted blue lipstick) it held up pretty well
  • Staying powder is insane, talk about waterproof. It stayed on my eyes and lips VERY WELL
  • Price $14.50 is well worth it for versatility of using on eyes and lips
  • Quality – not bad, does what it says and comes in a variety of colors


  • This particular one was too shiny on my lips but perfect on my eyes (guess that’s why it’s an EYE and not lip pencil, LOL)

OVERALL: I will definitely buy this again for my eyes but because it did not serve the purpose intended, I didn’t need it. I’ve tried Sephora brand lipstick and like it as well as their liners so I will try more of their products. The prices are very affordable too.




THANX for reading.

Have a splendid day and great morning.



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