1. What are you wearing?

A leopard print hooded onesie right now. wpid-IMG_20140214_063350.jpg

2. Ever been in love?

Yes at this very moment.

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?

No but unfortunately I’m not off the list of “Shit that could, will, should, maybe, and can happen to you” yet so who knows.

4. How tall are you?

5’8 3/4

5. How much do you weigh?

195 lbs  – No one believes me and anyone who guesses thinks I’m around 145lbs. I love the little guessing game. I am not happy with what the scale says but we all know muscle mass weighs more so I let it go and just deal. *although I do weigh more than him.* SMH

6. Any tattoos?

Yes, I have 6 of them. My first was a snake on my ankle (I love snakes) – next is a feather on my back, supposed to be a peacock feather (but it looks more like a dead peacock feather and I hate this tattoo so much that I want to scrub it off my back. . . the tattoo artist spent more time trying to get in my pants than do his damn job. UGH rant over), next begins my out of town series – I like getting tattoos in different states I go to now so I always save the next crave for when I go to a new city. In Florida I got a dragonfly on my right shoulder.dragonfly

In Pittsburgh I got one of my favorite quotes on my inner arm above the crease of the elbow: “Perfer et obdura: dolar hic tibi proderit olim.” wpid-imagejpeg_2_8.jpg wpid-IMAG0808.jpg

Having fibromyalgia, these  words have helped me cope over time.

In Chicago (last Nov.) I got a custom tatt of MEJ3 with the 3 to the 3rd power. wpid-20140221_102303.jpgIt has significant reference, although I do not like the tattoo. It was done free hand and it’s not the best so I will be having it corrected soon.

And last is a tatt dedicated to my mother, it reads: “Up from a past that’s rooted in pain, you rose – 59.11” It’s the last line from Maya Angelou’s “I Rise” poem except I changed “I Rise” to “You Rose.” Most ppl think the numbers are scripture verses but 59 is the year my mother was born and she passed on 11-11-11, I didn’t want to get 6 one’s on me so I created this sort of scripture tag for her.


7. Any piercings?

My ears, twice in each yet only the original ones are used.

8. OTP?

Hmmp – this one is a weird one for me. I’d have to say:wpid-966361af02ad82f8fac47bd20ad303d4.jpeg

9. Favourite show?

SEINFELD: I have the entire collection and I watch almost every night before bed. I can watch on mute and recite the lines, it’s ridiculous. LOL

10. Favourite band?

Kings of Leon – who by the way I am going to see on March 6th and is in a Tunespeak contest to win more tickets and a MEET AND GREET!! *goose bumps js thinking about it*

11. Something you miss?

When life was less about social media friendships and more about real life friendships and connections.

12. Favourite song?

At this moment (because there are so many):

Daley- Be http://youtu.be/FGPlcmVqecQ

13. What is your beauty obsession?


14. Zodiac sign?

The lovely lioness

15. Hidden talent?

I can sew clothing my hand (not so much hidden but to those who don’t know me it is so yea, hidden, lol)

16. Favourite quote?

“Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.” – Josephine Hart

17. Favourite actor?

Matt Damon or Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington. . .

18. Favourite colour?


19. Loud music or soft?

Both. Depends on the day and mood.

20. Where do you go when you’re sad?

I board a spaceship to this planet called: Lemedaphucalone – There I sit on the curve of the planet watching sun touch the earth and reveling in the marvel of the universe. I see the stars twinkle at me and feel nothingness which the best feeling in the world when I need to escape. I stay there for hours and no one knows I’m there but me. . .

21. How long does it take you to shower?

Ha. . .25- 45 mins depending on if the hair needs to be washed and stuff like that.

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 

MORNING. . .you mean Afternoon.  .hmmm 1.5 hours because I procrastinate and watch Supernatural reruns while I get dressed so I get stopped by Dean and Sam a lot.

23. Ever been in a physical fight?

Hmm not since teenageship

24. Favourite food? 


25. Favourite book?

Melody – Carolyn B. Cooney

26. The reason you started blogging?

Because I knew that my love for makeup was being appreciated by others out there in the online world and I want to connect and share our obsessions and finds together.

27.  Fears?

The dark (but horror is my favorite genre 0_o)

28. Last thing that made you cry?

A picture of husband and wife who passes within 36 hours of each other after spending 60 years together. The wife died with the husband holding her hand and he left after her. It was a beautiful story.

29.  Last time you said you love someone?

Like a week ago.

30. The meaning behind your blog name?

Mo is what I go buy and Merrell is my middle name. This blog are all the things I like to say about all the things I like and dislike.

31. Last book you read?

Ender’s Game (with my son but didn’t finish it, smh- but we just saw the movie and loved it)

32. The book you’re currently reading? 

Now reading, “Getting from COLLEGE to CAREER” by Lindsay Pollak

33. Last show you watched? 

The Following

34. Last person you talked to? 

Monica about 3o mins ago.

35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted? 

My sister, not the best.

36. Favourite place to be? 

somewhere near trees and water. Nature. Nature. Nature.

37. Place you want to visit?


38. Last place you were? 

In my bedroom schleeping.

39. Do you have a crush? 

Eh, tons of celebrity crushes. .  .oh no wait. . .I do.  ..the janitor at my college. LOL I swear he’s not old and crusty. He’s probably younger than my 31 years but he’s so damn adorable with the purtiest eyeballs and a nice beard (me likie the beards)

40. Last time you kissed someone? 

Tuesday Morning

41. Last time you were insulted? 

Eh. . .

42. Favourite flavour of sweet?

I’m more of a sour person.

43. What instruments do you play? 

Does imaginary piano count?

44. Favourite piece of jewellery?

My lizard ring that once my friend started wearing has broken to shit and I am so pissed about it. I had it for years, never damaged it, she wears it two times and stones are missing. Some people. UGH

45. Last sport you played? 

Fantasy football!! Oh I got physical!

46. Last song you sang? 

Kings Of Leon – Supersoaker

47. Favourite chat up line? 

URRRRRM me have no clue what this even means.

48. Have you ever used it? 

Obviously not. Lol <— What Jules said!

49. Last time you hung out with anyone? 

Saturday, Kimmie and I went to Club New Yawk (yep a club called New York in Minneapolis. . .I know it’s stupid.)

50. Who should answer these questions next?



ALL OF THIS FROM ULTA. . . .for $12.99?

I’ve never shopped at Ulta before, not in store or online so I decided to take my fangers on over to the website since a store isn’t close by and check out what they had to offer me.

I found myself skimming through the site, checking out the deals and items they had and you know, it’s not bad. It’s a site I’d go to again. On this particular mission I was looking for makeup – DUH – specifically lipstick. I went on over to the sale tab and found a few goodies for good prices. The first thing I found was this 13 pc Makeup Set:

Ulta stuff

Not a bad overhaul huh? Included in this little box of goodies are:

2 Quad eye shadow – Lipstick – Lip gloss – Mascara – 3 Make up brushes – Blush – Skin cleaner – Double ended eye liner – Nail polish – A makeup bag – Benefit skincare sample and Matrix Shampoo sample. . .again not bad for 13 bucks!

BUT with everything in life, we have the good and the bad so let’s find out if this was 13 dollars well spent or two wasted trips to Starbucks.

First up:

LIPSTICK  in CAPPUCCINO- Nothing special here about it. Your standard lipstick. It’s very sheer in it’s color. No Scent so that’s good. The packaging is cheap and since I’ve never had ULTA brand lipstick before I guess I was expecting a far better quality of lipstick but WTH it’s not that bad.

ulta lipstick in cappuccino w/ flash ulta lipstick in cappuccino no flashUlta lipstick

VERDICT: It’s a nice neutral lip on a neutral makeup day. I don’t mind having it but I wouldn’t purposely buy it again.

ULTA HYDRA QUENCH FOAMING OIL CLEANSER – I don’t use other skin care products besides the ones I always use because I have sensitive skin so this will sit in a box until, IDK, maybe I head out of town one day and need some cleanser.

VERDICT: Won’t be using nor purchasing solo

NAIL POLISH in PINATA-YADA – It’s a cute and fun little polish. I normally don’t care for confetti polishes but this one isn’t so bad. It’s not so great solo and would look a lot better over a more solid color lipstick.

VERDICT: I’m interested in trying ULTA’s nail polish line so I will be checking out more of their nail polishes.

Ulta skin care cleanser and polish in Pinata-Yada

ULTA Super Shiny Lip Gloss in FLIRTINI – Eh it’s lip gloss and I am not the biggest fan of tubed lip glosses (unless it’s the dollar store brand that I love and will blog about on another post)

VERDICT: It’ll stay in the lip gloss drawer. I usually bring a lip gloss with me that matches my lip stick in case the matte gets too dry and I need a pick me upper. I wouldn’t buy on purpose tho.

ULTA PLUSH DRAMA MASCARA in JET BLACK – It’s mascara, nothing special. It’s a bit too thick on application so I will have to check its wear out over time and see how good this holds up.

VERDICT: If it’s a good mascara I wouldn’t mind purchasing it. You can never go wrong with a good mascara.

ULTA DUAL ENDED LINER IN DEEP BROWN & BLACK – I LIKE IT! It’s a liner so you can’t expect much but the black is very nice and dark. The brown is not so much deep to me but it’s okay.

VERDICT: If there was an Ulta store close by and I could go and buy the liners then yea I’d go but having to get them off line, I wouldn’t do it because I can find a liner just about anywhere else near me.

Ulta mascara, double liner, & lipgloss

ULTA BLUSH in SUNKISSED – Who doesn’t love a cute little travel size blush? It’s a very sheer sunkissed color which goes nice against my bronzer.

VERDICT: I wouldn’t mind purchasing this again. If I do another Ulta haul then I’d put one of these in the basket.

Ulta Blush Ulta blush in sunkissed

ULTA EYESHADOW QUADS in NEUTRAL & FANTASIA – I love a small eyeshadow quad vs the bigger palletes because I can take the small ones with me and with my how my days are, I always take a makeup bag with me to school to retouch after my yoga classes.

Ulta eyeshadow Quads in Neutral and FantasiaThe neutral quad is the one on the right and the colors from right to left top to bottom are: Bone, Truffle, Ice Queen, & Gun Metal – The Fantasia Quad colors are: Aztec Gold, Deep Sea, Majesty, & Galaxy

I am pleasantly surprised at how good these little cuties are. Nice pigments, good smudge to em too.

wpid-20140217_180237.jpg wpid-20140217_180259.jpg

My swatch abilities are not the best so look past that & focus on the colors *these are swatched like they are listed*

VERDICT: I like a small eyeshadow so I have no problem purchasing these again on my next Ulta haul. I also like the clear packaging, very sleek and simple and shows me the colors up front.

ULTA CONTOUR, SPONGE, & EYESHADOW BRUSHES – I don’t particularly like the feel of the brushes bristles but they are not the worst. A little stiffer than you’d like in a brush but for the cost and inclusion to this package it’s nice to have an extra brush or three. I personally like that they are clear, makes for easier cleaning to me.

VERDICT: I wouldn’t buy these solo but I wouldn’t mind getting them in a little set like this again.


I also received some free samples which are included in the main photo. Those were:

BENEFIT THE POREfessional PRO BALM AND TOTAL MOISTURIZING FACIAL CREAM  & MATRIX SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER- I am afraid to try new skin care stuff on my face but since these are little in size I will give it a go and see what happens, who knows I may actually like the product so I will keep you posted on what I decided with these. I normally only keep the sample shampoos for travel.

VERDICT: Samples are fun to have on hand especially when you travel and being that you can’t bring big bottles on the airplane (but you can bring a knife 0_o then these are great to have in your stock. If I like how these work I wouldn’t mind purchasing full sized samples.



Everything fits in the bag with room to spare. I adore this cute little bag and will be using it more than I thought I would. It’s a nice size and a nicer size than the one I just brought and a cute bronze color. This one will probably stay in my locker.

Well that was all a mouth full. . . .it’s a GREAT deal. The amount of items is well worth the $13 and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another set like this from Ulta again.




OOH la la, I love reading up on you ladies lipstick collections and favorite brands. Gives me some ideas of some to try out. Here is my list . . ..enjoy and thanks for stopping by the page : )

How many lipsticks do you own?
I own 89 lipsticks (a few lipglosses and chunky lip pencils included)

2. What was the first lipstick you owned?
Oh wow. . .I don’t know but to begin this collection was Maybelline.

3. What is your favorite lipstick brand?
hmmm Maybelline and Make Up Forever

4. What is your most worn lipstick?

Revlon Color Burst in Lollipop/ L’Oreal in Saucy Mauve/ Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense #36

What is your favorite finish?
I LOVE a matte finish. It’s so much more polished on me.

6. What was the last lipstick you bought?
I brought NIKA K lipstick from the beauty store yesterday in two colors for $4.97 and I LOVE THEM!! So pigmented.

7. How many lip products do you currently have in your bag?
I always carry two: the lipstick of the day (and accompanying liner if any) and baby lips

8. What is your favorite red lip color?

Hmm this one is hard because I love my reds. ..right now I love The ICING cosmetics  “Pin Up Girl” This lipstick is so matte and so awesome that I Wanna eat it and it’s a nice red-orange but. . .my favorite color lipstick (because you didn’t ask and I want to tell you anyway) is PINK – I love all kinds of Pink lipstick especially my Make Up Forever #36. When they sold out of this I searched on line for months, even went to 2 stores in Chicago when I went to visit to track this down with no luck. Finally got it and will never run out again!

9. How do you store your lipsticks?

Recently like this (and it doesn’t fit them all)  but I just got a new makeup storage box that I LOVE!

10. Which lipsticks are you currently lusting after?
MAC in Rebel holy ish that color is AMAZEBALLS!

THERE YOU HAVE IT. . ..Love this tag. If you’re reading. . you’re next. Tag your post in the comment section below and check out http://forvanityssake.com/ where I got the post from.




LORAC Cosmetics Lipstick: IS LORAC ALL THAT?

HA, Look at that corny little play of words. OOH YEA I’m so awesome at that. *chuckle – snort*

Any who let’s get dowwwwwn to business.

Here is the product:


With flash


Obvs without flash

I had been seeing this brand around so I thought I’d give it a go. I purchased from the website but I believe they sell it in Sephora. . .I think .

So is LORAC all THAT?

EHH this lipstick isn’t much to call home about.


  • Packaging – It’s so sleek and small. It’s almost like an ink pen (a slighter fatter ink pen than most) it’s a metallic color (flash makes it look black) and it’s just so damn adorable like I could pull it from my bra and do a magic trick with it. They definitely get points for design. Not to mention, when you pull the cap off and replace it, it has a push to it. So you know it’s going to stay on. . .unlike those INGLOTS. UGH!
  • Lightly Scented, very lightly scented with a sweet tea kind of smell (YEA Sweet Tea not that McDonalds fake ass dirty swamp-sugar-water tea though, real good sweet tea)
  • Quality- not bad but again nothing to rave about here


  • Staying Power- This is called 8 hour Lip Luxe. . .eh not even an hour really. I so hate when they advertise something and it’s so far from the beaten path that you wonder if they even tried the product out for themselves. LMAO
      • The Color is: ORCHID and online it looks nice and dark but in person it’s very light and sheer with a slight color payoff especially for my dark skin.
  • Texture: It’s creamy but not thick. Light weight which should be in the good section but it’s down here because it’s one of the reasons why the color payoff isn’t so great.
  • Price- for $16 (+ shipping) eh I can find a cheaper tube else where with a better color pay off.

THE VERDICT: This is one product. . .I am not going to give up on this brand just yet. I will try their “normal” lipsticks. See what their mattes are about. I will check out there eye shadows and a few other things but this particular lipstick is nothing special – hopefully I will try them out in a store first before buying online


The first swipe is just one swipe so you can see how much it doesn’t show and is sheer. The second is about 3 or 4 swipes and still not a good color pay off.


Same photo but with a flash. . .Nothing there really you know.

As I say about most of these kinds of lipsticks; they would look much better on a lighter skin tone where the color can show more on them. I’m not really dark and you can see this color on me nicely (my lips are a cute ombre brown and nude so I don’t wanna take it off right now to put this on and pic it. . .sorry.  LOL <—- not really I’m eating pizza and drinking a vodka mix.



INGLOT: Is The Lipstick As Bad As Their Customer Service?

I have been on a kick with makeup lately. I love finding brands I haven’t used before to check em out and see if they  live up to their hype. With all the brands I see that I haven’t heard of or have yet to use I decided to pick up a few.

Today’s lipstick is by INGLOT Cosmetics. I still have no idea how to pronounce it (ENG-Glot) (Ing-Glo) eh ok. .  but I like it. . .the name. Below are the two items I purchased from their website: http://www.inglotcosmetics.com

wpid-IMG_20140212_055945.jpg wpid-20140212_175718.jpg

They have no colors listed on them just numbers and the nude color is #410 and the Slim Gel Lipstick is in #65. . .but before we get to the nitty gritty of the cosmetics let’s talk the title of this post: CUSTOMER SERVICE

I placed an order from the website on Feb 2nd and about a few minutes later I got an email letting me know that I purchased an item(s). In the email I saw a link that led me to the website where I could log in (as it said I could check the status of my purchase there), I like to go in to websites and just triple check everything however, I couldn’t log in using the information I set my account up with SAY WHAT!!!. Every time I entered my info it’ll pop back that I don’t exist in the system but I just purchased something so I was livid to say the least. I tried various times after that (the next hour, the next day, the day after the next, that next morning) but NO LUCK then I emailed the company to let them know I was having a problem logging in.

So I waited and on the 7th I had remembered that I had emailed them and received no response so of course, I tried again to log in. . .no luck.

Now because I have virtually, physically, and literally not an ounce of patience I tried it one more time on the 8th to another “that email doesn’t exist” then I was REALLY annoyed and emailed the company that I could not log into my account (Still) to see my purchase and I ended up waiting . . . . . .waiting. . . . . .waiting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Now I was PISSED off. Keep in mind I ordered this on the 2nd with no shipment information available to me from the website or anywhere else and 8 days later I had no package or nothing (but my card was charged $33 immediately). This time I went to Instagram and I blasted them under one of their photos for lack of communication and asked where my product was because there isn’t a phone number for you to call them. In the mean time I received 3 cosmetic packages from different websites that I ordered on the same day and one that I ordered on the 8th and received 2 days later (just comparing). SO after hitting up IG and getting all testy and attitudey – on the 10th I get this email:

“Our offices are closed on weekends, which explains the lack of correspondence from your original email sent Saturday Feb. 8th.

It was longer than this but this is the gist of the BS. They included my tracking number to my package, but SERIOUSLY how is it a M-F type thing when you have people ordering shipments at any day?! Why is this not on their website (they say it is, but I didn’t see it *Side eye*) Then miraculously yesterday, the 12th I get my package. I honestly think they never sent it out and did so once I complained. To check that I wasn’t tripping I pulled up reviews on INGLOT and sure enough, consumers had the same thing to say BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE – late packages – no tracking info- and on and on.

Anywho I have the packages and I really didn’t want them anymore but since they are here, eff it, I’ll try em.

SO is the product as bad as the customer service?

wpid-IMG_20140212_061847.jpg wpid-IMG_20140212_062148.jpg

The lipsticks with a flash (without a flash would have made them almost impossible to see in my bathroom light. The purple is not really that opaque).

They are not really great but not really bad either. Mediocre and “basic” at best.


  • Scent free
  • Packaging is sleek and black with simplicity to its design
  • Small in size but not too small


  • Packaging – when I pulled the tube off the lipstick it broke (the top came off but the protective plastic that goes inside of the tube was still there so I put the cap back on to tighten it. *update Tube broke off on the other one too hmmmp. . .faulty shit!
  • Staying power – the nude lipstick is matte although I had to constantly reapply this (unlike my F21 lipstick from yesterday *hmmmm*) so that says a lot. *update absolutely lacking in staying power. And it’s a bit too drying. Without my baby lips I would have looked sickly with flaky lips : (
  • Tacky feeling – if you wear matte lipstick then you know the feeling, when you put your lips together and it’s not sticky but tacky, almost wet clay like feeling on your lips. . yea this is that. (I’ve been applying baby lips with application)
  • Drying – not bad it’s more so the tacky feeling that makes it appear to be drying but it’s actually quite light weight.
  • Not true to color – The nude is okay, I mean you can’t expect much from a nude. It’s either going to be just right or horrible. This one for color is just right but still nothing impressive. The purple was a HUGE disappointment. It’s so sheer and light in color but it’s represented to be much darker. . .grrrrrr no fair!

THE VERDICT: Hell To the NO I will not purchase from them again. Not from the website, not from a store nor would I even accept it if it was given to me for free. Bad customer services leaves a bad taste in my mouth like how curry tastes when I don’t know it’s in the food and I swallow; currily surprised! If this was just my experience then I’d consider purchasing from them again but considering that there are various online complaints about their service then NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Also I am not a solid fan of the formula. Honestly – and not speaking from bad customer service anger- I have better brands that are cheaper and in my grasp versus waiting forever for a shipment of faulty merchandise.

Based off of the customer services alone. . . INGLOT. . .I think NOT!

wpid-20140212_180936.jpg wpid-20140212_180944.jpg

Both Photos: The first photo is without a flash and it’s one swipe and then 3 swipes and then flash with the same photo. As you can see, one swipe is not good enough at all. These were a disappointment for sure and a waste of darn money but I have tried them and will wear them but that’s about all INGLOT gets from me!



So this keeps happening every time I take the top off…
Yea I will not purchase this crap again!!!!

Today’s Suprising Lipsticks STAYING POWER

Because I have a lot of lipstick – about 6o something tubes – I decided that I should start wearing them all or the purpose of them becomes just me collecting lipsticks, lol. So I make it a point to wear a different color every day and today I chose a lipstick I picked up form FOREVER 21 a few weeks ago.


YES it’s a mini lipstick – how cute huh!! They come in this adorbs little package of 7 minis for $7.80 – I was curious as to what they looked like on and because I like the cute little packaging

So today I wore one of the colors, I think it is the first color in the pic of them all but because they are not labeled it’s hard to know which color is which. On the inside of the little box are the color names but who knows which belongs to which.



I’ve had this color on since I left the house this morning at about 7:30am and it is now 12:25 pm and I have applied twice: once after eating breakfast an hour after I left the house and about 30 mins ago to touch up when I really didn’t need to.


  • Matte – actually a pretty good non-drying matte feel and color
  • Tiny cute little packaging – I just love it
  • No scent


  • Quality – can’t expect much from this but it’s not bad just that I feel like it will melt if in too hot of conditions

VERDICT: I love the little set and will def keep them in my rotation. I brought a bigger and better lipstick with me just in case this one did not  “act” right throughout the day and I have yet to use that one so not bad at all. I’d recommend picking one up from Forever21, nothing wrong with having some tiny little back up lipsticks or main lipsticks for your day. These will be great for those nights/days when you are carrying a small/tiny bag/clutch/purse and don’t have room for a big lipstick tube.


I really wanted to show the true color. This was taken without a flash. As you can see I need to reapply after my coffee but nothing too drastic.




Beliebe Me: The Kids Album Is Good

Yea…. this is a blog post about Justin Bieber….well about his album.

You ask….
because I love the album JOURNALS and I find that people over look good music because of a public image.

I became a Bieber fan because of my son who two years ago was a huge fan but like most kids today he was swayed away from liking him because other kids didn’t like him and at 12 he’s just too cool for Justin (I explained what having your own opinion was and such) but I grew to love the kids music.  It’s always upbeat…. now he’s grown up and so has his music.


This album;  Journals is just like the SPIN article claims:


He made a great R&B album. It’s become one of my favorites and this along with the last album is on MY playlist/ipod.

His last album was a sense into what he’d create next.  It was upbeat,  appealed to both a younger and older (mid 20s) crowd with rap features and him exploring his romantic side.

Now on JOURNALS I was shocked at how adult this album is.  He’s talking bout relationships,  love, heartache, sex….all the stuff we hear anyway.  LOL. The production value is good,  nice solid beats to rock to and his voice has sprouted in puberty.  You can hear his whiny effect but you can hear that roughness that’s appeared.

My favs are:

Heartbreaker- Simply cute
All That Matters – Sultry, loving, sweet with a nice beat
Hold Tight- completely a grown Justin
Recovery- one if my fav favs. Comes on straight to the point and anyone who had a breakup can relate
Bad Day- you are taken back to the 90s (lol he wasn’t born then was he)
All Bad- The intro is hot…lyrics adult,  sultry, and relatable from a guy and girl standpoint
PYD ft R. Kelly – Sexxxy..Put You Down… explains it all. My hips get tov swaying
Change Me- my top fav. Slow. Sultry. Grown man lyrics. Just a beautiful song.
Confident ft. Chance The Rapper – This is nice, talks abt a confident chick and her good sex and Chances verse is cute
One Life – Another grown up version of Justin. Lyrics for the ladies. Another one of fav favs.
Backpack ft Lil Wayne- it’s different. ..odd…. but good.
Swap It Out- upbeat, dmfun, chorus is annoying but still one to rock to.

*3 songs didn’t make the list: Roller Coaster, What’s Hatnin ft. Future, Memphis ft. Big Sean…. just didn’t like those.

Now… of course the kid has had some public image issues and to that I say this: what parent allows their 17 multimillionaire CHILD move into a mansion on his own,  party with ADULTS in adult situations. … what kind of parent let’s a CHILD with over $100M dollars make his own decisions. You take him from normalcy,  plaster him over tv’s,  take away his childhood and humility while you run off to write dumb ass books and daddy try to play “too cool”….. no wonder he’s taking antidepressants with liquor and spending $75k on strippers when he’s only 19.

YES… Justin has to be held accountable for his own actions but when you give a kid power and the mindset that he can do what he wants what do u expect?  He is no longer known for his talents. .. he’s ridiculed for being a pretty white boy with a nice voice who is rich and does dumb shit cause he has the money and freedom to and because the media loves to bully people.

I feel for him and I hope the adults around him stop using him for his money/status and give this kid some structure.

Where the hell are his parents?  Oh they embarrassed so they’re probably hiding now when they weren’t before. Pitiful.

Anywho I like artists for their talents, I can’t judge him because he’s in the spotlight because I’m far more bat shit crazy than he.. I’m just broke.

Kudos JB.
You got a fan in me kid.


Le Collection: My Favorite Boots Ever



I ordered my 12th pair (the cayenne red in the front) last week. I heart the versatility of these boots. The style. The comfort.  And the price isn’ t bad. (Check my post on Palladium Boots to get the deets on prices) I’m still not done copping these. They make living with fibromyalgia not as painful on my feet. I wear the brown wool lined pair in the back (4th from back left) and pretty much the whole back row everyday during this icky Minnesota winter.

You should def get you a pait. Sold on the website http://www.palladiumboots.comhttp://www.amazon.comhttp://www.karmolaloop.comhttp://www.sportiela.comhttp://www.zulily.com

Kudos and have a good day!

New Lipstick: Drew Barrymore “Flower”

Does this lipstick have any FLOWER POWER?

wpid-IMG_20140208_101014.jpgThe color is: Desert Flower

(No flash)


Well I purchased this lipstick a while ago in a nude color but took it back because it was not a nude for me.  This time I decided to give the lipstick another try.

Background: Sold exclusively at Walmart and created by actress Drew Barrymore.  It’s fairly priced like most makeup and cosmetics at Wal-Mart.


Yes and No.


■ Price: $6.98

■ Quality: Not bad…holds up well. Staying power is surprisingly nice. Matte is matte and cream is creamy

■ Variety: For those whose skin tone this works on,  you’ll have a nice variety of colors to choose from

■ Unscented (yay!)

The BAD:

■ Packaging: As its cute..its a bit bulky. ..I’ve got bulkier ones so this isn’t a deal breaker

■ Color: This is the second time with this product and the color is not true to what the package shows.  It’s far lighter than expected.  Needs a few swipes to be nice and opaque

■ A bit drying but I use baby lips under it and that eliminates that issue

THE VERDICT: I’m interested in trying more from her line especially the chunky lip and eye pencils. She has foundation but I’ll be honest this isn’t for darker skinned women however I’ve seen the line grow this past yr so maybe darker colors will be available to suit different shades.


One swipe – a few swipes (no flash)


One swipe – a few swipes (with flash)


Me wearing it today. .. right now. No filter in this pic, taken with the front facing camera.