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Too many questions. . .Too many answers tailored by so many different people. So I’ll tell you what makes a good boot for me.

The boot pictured is a Palladium Boots Pampa Tactical in Port/Royal. It has a one piece molded rubber out-sole (all of their shoes doe) with a Dri-Lex moisture wicking sock liner (absolutely comfortable) and a side zipper with lacing options. They fit almost mid-calf and can be laced all the way for a more defined look or lose for a more relaxed look. The color is beautiful and bold.

Who Am I: 31 Yr Old Female, Single Mother, & College Student.

My Style: Comfy, Chic, & Rugged

I found Palladium Boots about 3 years ago when my boss gifted me with a pair. I thought they were absolutely gorgeous and when I first put them on my feet, I was in love and I’ll tell you why:

  • They are stylish
  • Comfortable which I found odd because I didn’t feel much arch support but the rubber sole does wonders.
  • I can last all day in these with walking or standing and my feet feel fine.
  • Variety
  • No W or M widths because the one regular width accommodates all sizes of feet. They are never too tight on my wide feet and not too much room either, they are just like Goldie Locks Porridge; Just Right.

The website ( offer a variety of styles to choose from which is the good part. Having a boot in one style is okay but you wouldn’t want to own 12 of the same boot in different colors, so having a boot designed in various different styles  such as the ones pictured here, from left to right styles are: Pampa Sport Cuff wp2 in brown/olive/drab
Baggy lite leather Gusset in Amber Gold, Pallabrouse Baggy in Blue, Pallabrouse Baggy (low) in old rose/vapor, Monochrome baggy in Maroon, and Blanc Oxford in Vapor/White




These are one of each of a few of the styles they carry with amazing styles coming in the spring and tons more on the site. These are all female styles but men have the same styles in different or the same colors (such as the monochrome).

After my first pair I went on to purchase 10 more over the last few years. They are the only shoes I wear mainly because of my weak ankles. Due to having fibromyalgia, my ankles are the weakest parts on my body and therefore, the kind of shoes I can wear matter greatly. Once I discovered how good my feet felt in these boots, I could not stop buying them.

I dress in leggings, jeggings, jeans, open sweaters, items like so and these boots including the knee-hi pairs (which are no longer sold online) all compliment what I wear and I still get to look chic, stylish, and be comfortable with my painful feet. I love that with my 9.5 Womens shoe size, I can fit into a 7.5 – 8 1/2 M in men sizes which allows me to be able to wear the awesome styles that are only available in men styles.

They range in price from $55 to $180 (although most are around the mid 80’s to 90’s in price. I buy them directly from the website or via www.,, or various other sites that carry them.

If you live anywhere but the US, check out the awesome styles that the US does not have access to. . .and send me a pair, perferrably the palladium poundy in a 9.5 Med.

Mo Merrell Say: PURCHASE YOU A PAIR- They are worth it. Then take a photo, upload it, and show me how you wear yours.

Check out my IG @momerrell82

-Kudos, Mo


2 thoughts on “Palladium Boots – Pampa Tactical

  1. Matt says:

    Hello, I like your boots and it’s a very nice color. Do you know if the Palladium Pampa tactical boots black/black still exists? Which means with a black zipper, if yes, do you know where i can find them? So far it’s with a metal zipper.

    • momerrell says:

      The only places I can think of is and check the full men’s and last chance section if not and you have an instagram….search HUGHTHEGOO Hugh Henley he’s the VP of Global Sales and can tell you if they are still on the market. Tell him MoMerrell sent you and he will give you an answer on them.

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