BLACK LIPSTICK- Too Goth or Everyday



This is such a taboo topic with women and makeup. BLACK is supposed to be sad and depressing color in general. Wearing black clothes means you are either headed to work as black is professional or you are a Gothic-emo person. Wearing black lipstick is now becoming more accepted as a choice of lipstick that is detached from the depressing or Gothic stereotypes. As a lover of all things lipstick, I was on the search for a good black lipstick but I wasn’t going to spend too much on it because how often would I really wear black lipstick?

So I found one at Walgreens, Fergie’s Wet-n-Wild brand in Pagan Angel. I absolutely love it, the pigment is rich and although you would think all black lipstick would be rich in color, some are not so heavy when applied and can look a bit dull, but this one not only goes on well but stays on literally all day. I paid $3.94 for it and went back for the pink, which wasn’t as great because it wasn’t as pigmented but it’s still great for the price.

As I thought I wouldn’t wear black often, I found myself wearing it three times in two weeks after I got it. I would only choose to wear it with minimal makeup as I wore it with eye makeup (couldn’t upload the pic for some reason) and I looked a bit heavy all up in the face with too much black so I will stick to wearing it with a simple face. In the photo posted, I wore this look to school and my professor whom I do not like because she thinks she is better than everyone, never gives an A grade, and down talks all work that anyone puts in all because she is a lawyer who lived in Germany and had celebrity clients. (Sorry I ranted. . .it’s over now) anywho, she stated how she liked my hair because I always change it a lot but when on to say that my lipstick choice was scary and made a face. I thought, how in the hell is my lipstick scary? I wasn’t wearing horns with it! I didn’t have on grunge worthy emo-esque attire which would automatically put me in the Emo stereotype! I was neat, clean, and my usual bubbly self so what the hell was so scary about black lipstick.


Her comment brought to my attention the stigma attached to wearing black lipstick. The fact that the mere existence of it is “scary” or “goth” is baffling to me. It’s a societal standard at viewing lipstick and who would have thought that there would be a standard for viewing lipstick in the world.

Ha, go figure!

But then again when I wear bright pink lipstick, I get the white women saying, “Oh that’s such a risky color on you and it looks good on your skin tone.” then I get the black women saying, “I’m just too dark, I could never wear such bright lipstick like that.” And that’s only because bright lipsticks were; keyword WERE usually worn by fairer skinned women be them white or light-skinned black, Asian, etc women-so even though lipstick is being worn in all colors on all types of women, there is still that stigma that a certain color is not meant for a certain person. And I disagree. . .Lipstick and attitude go hand in hand for me, as long as you are rocking your color with fierceness and in all the diva goodness that you are, then rock the hell on.

However, even with the negativity on black lipstick I like it. I don’t think it’s too goth or too sad or depressing and I do believe that it can be worn as an everyday lipstick (not literally but if you want to, go ahead). I find myself wearing black when I want to a natural face of makeup but want my lipstick to stand out on it’s own. If it’s not black, it’s dark cherry or dark plum/wine which are amazing colors for fall.



This one depends on your job. Only you know what your job would frown upon and what would be accepted. If you work in a prestigious company then most likely a bold lip color of any shade would be too much. However, if you work in a relaxed environment where the style around the office is casual or professional then go for it. As long as you do not over do it, be simple on the face makeup. Be simple in your hair style. Be simple in your attire, wear solid colors and with that, I think any woman, in the right office situation, can pull of a black lip.

Mo Merrell Says – BUY ONE FOR YOUR COLLECTION. YOU WON’T WEAR IT OFTEN BUT THERE WILL BE A TIME WHEN BLACK LIPSTICK WILL BE CALLING YOUR NAME AND YOU WILL WEAR IT LIKE THE DIVA THAT YOU ARE. *If you can’t go to black just yet, try a dark wine and gradually work your way up. Especially in the office, try out the darker colors but not quite black and see what response you get, if it’s all good to where you feel comfortable, go for the full gusto and grab yourself a black lipstick.



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